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Apple Podcast Feeds Ready

We will automatically generate an RSS feed that meets Apple's requirements. You don't have to worry about these technical details. Just submit the feed URL we prepared for you in Apple podcast connect.

If Apple adjusts the relevant technical requirements in the future, we will adapt it in time.

Simple & Elegant Episode Page

The podcast you create will get a website of your own.

Audiences can visit your web page through the Apple podcast app or other general-purpose podcast app, or via Google. Of course, you can also share it with all interested people on social networks.

Competitive Price or FREE

With an annual subscription price of $9.99 per month, you can enjoy the overall service including audio file hosting.

If the audio files in your show are already hosted on an external server, you can use other podcast-related services beyond our audio file hosting for Free.

Feature Detail Basic Pro (Soon)
Apple Podcast Support Generate Feed for Podcast Connect
Support Serial Tag
Support Podcast Complete Tag
Support Block Epesode or Podcast Tag
Other Podcast Apps Support Overcast
Website & Admin Panel Responsive Design
You can update your podcast everywhere
Audio Hosting CDN
Free $9.99/m